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Graduate student in Human-Computer Interaction. Passionate about design, tech, and everything in between. More on:

Details matter, especially in UX. This article explains how a bad design choice by Revolut has badly affected me as a user, and them as a business.

The Background

My experience in Sweden is (sadly) coming to an end, so yesterday I had to pay my last rent to my rental agency. In order to do so, I used Revolut, a European fintech app that allows (among other great things) to send money to any account and currency without any fee. Even though Sweden is part of the European Union, they adopt the Swedish Crown as currency, so Revolut really helped me this year to exchange and spend my euros while living abroad.

Revolut allows you to access your money, as well as to all the services of the…

Gamification works as a cognitive enhancer, transforming how people learn, act, and perform behaviours

Some weeks ago, I started to attend some online courses at the “Interaction Design Foundation”, an industry-recognized online school on UX and Interaction Design. The study platform has been designed with interesting game elements implemented into the learning experience. For instance, each course has a certificate, and in order to obtain it, students are required to score at least 70% of the total points, answering questions for each lesson. A progress bar (progress indicator) provides simple but effective and quantifiable feedback regarding students’ performance (score), with different goals (badges) that are possible to achieve.

The progress bar enhances students’ motivation…

What is Participatory Design?

Participatory Design is a design practice where is given a central role to the importance, value, and relevance of human experience. Participatory design has his foundation in involving different “non-designers” in the design process with the ambition and the practical objective of build better tools for the users [1; 2].

“Non-designers” refers to the end-users (or potential users) of a product or a service or to other external stakeholders that are involved in the design process [3]. …

Gianmaria Mallozzi

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